Our Work

STM Trailers specialise in engineering all types of high quality trailers to suit your needs. Being a fully qualified engineer, Tim is able to design and advise you on what is best for your custom trailer. With Tim’s years of experience in manufacturing, all trailers are built to a high quality, are practical and most importantly are built to last.

Plant Trailers

7 x 4 Tradesman Trailers

8 x 5 Tradesman Trailers

6 x 4 Galvanized Trailers

8 x 5 Trailers

Enclosed Trailers

Tipper Trailers


‘A’ Frame Trailers

Flat Top Trailer

Truck Trays

Car Trailers

Motorbike Trailers

BBQ Trailers

Fuel Trailers

Mowing Trailers

Water Trailers

4 x 4 Trailers

6 x 4 Trailers